Eckerd College Organization of Students 


Senate - Elections Are September 2013

The Student Senate is designed to take ECOS to your front door. Each dorm complex elects a Senator to represent its needs and identity on the third week of the fall semester. Senators are responsible for passing legislation, organizing events, overseeing the distribution of ECOS funds, and holding a check on the Executive Council of ECOS.
  • Alpha - Spencer Gradley
  • Beta - Monica Discolo
  • Delta - Haven Allard
  • Epsilon - Jack Layden
Room: Dalton 17
Hobbies: Waterpolo, Swimming, and Photography
Best way to contact me: By email at
  • Gamma - Erik Robinson
  • Kappa - Kyler Thomann
  • Iota - Chloe Bawmann
I am 18 and this is my first year here at Eckerd. My goals for the Iota complex is to create more of a sense of community and show the rest of the campus that we are not as quiet as everybody seems to think we are! I hope to do this through complex and dorm events as well as complex events that we would invite the entire school to. I like to swim, be outside  and be around animals which is one of the main reasons that I picked Eckerd. And of course I love watch baseball. My email address
  • Zeta - Anne Rodgers
  • Omega - Rachel Cruz
  • Nu -  Mary Jean Harford
  • Sigma - Henry Sadler
  • West Lodge- Merle Czarnetzki
  • Commuter 1 - Nicholas Browne