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Senate - Elections on September 2014

The Student Senate is designed to take ECOS to your front door. Each dorm complex elects a Senator to represent its needs and identity on the third week of the fall semester. Senators are responsible for passing legislation, organizing events, overseeing the distribution of ECOS funds, and holding a check on the Executive Council of ECOS.

Alpha: Spencer Gradley

Beta: Monica Discolo

Commuter 1: Nicholas Browne

Commuter 2:

Delta: Haven Allard

Epsilon: Jack Layden

Gamma: Erik Robinson

Kappa: Kyler Thomann

Iota: Chloe Bawmann

Zeta: Anne Rodgers

Omega: Rachel Cruz

Nu: Mary Jean Harford

Sigma: Henry Sadler

Westlodge: Merle Czarnetzki