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  Eckerd College Organization     Students 


Academic & Pre-Professional 

American Chemical Society (ACS) - Contact: Taylor Harned
Bio Organic Journal Review - Contact: Stefan Torelli
EC-ERT - Contact: Haven Allard
EC Comparative Psychology - Contact: Christine Dumbleton
EC Psychology Club - Contact: Kelly Ejnes 
EC NSLS - Contact: Isaac Anderson
Entrepreneurship Club - Contact: Ross Busch 
Herpetology Society - Contact: Rory Smart
International Business Association - Contact: Brice Birdsall
Pi Sigma Alpha - Contact: 
Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) - Contact: Anna Shaw

Arts & Entertainment

Active Minds Club - Contact: Sarah Nappier
Anime Addicts Anonymous - Contact: Jesse Weinstein
Another Man's Trash Improv Group - Contact: James Auer
Cheesy Dog Club - Contact: Alex Dumond 
Cosplay Guild - Contact: Samantha Brito 
Creative Writing Club - Contact: Carly Youssouf 
EC Cheese Club - Contact: James Hurchalla
EC Dance Team Riptides - Contact: Victoria Ferrulli 
EC Disney Pride - Contact: Sarah Cannady 
EC Puzzle Club - Contact: Leah Bilski
EC Tritones A Capella Club - Contact: Daniele Starfield 
Palmetto Productions - Contact: Danielle Buchanan 
Photographic Arts Club - Contact: Nika Ostby 
S.A.V.E.G.A.M.E. - Contact: Andrew Stretch 
Scubi Jew: Environmental Divers - Contact: Alison Poirier 
Tea Club - Contact: Cameron Davis 
Theatre Troupe - Contact: Caitlin Harding

Athletics/ Outdoor

Crossfit - Contact: Henry Ashworth 
EC Beach Volleyball Club - Contact: Jordan Trimble 
EC Cheerleading Team - Contact: Alivia Kelsey 
EC Coed Soccer - Contact: Claire Sanders 
ECFC - Contact: Erik Inkster 
EC Field Hockey - Contact: Rory Smart
EC Fly Fishing - Contact: Takoda Edlund 
EC Powerlifting - Contact: Peter Chindavong
Equestrian Club - Contact: Kristina Parcelli
Fisherman - Contact: Bryan Foley
EC Men's Lacrosse - Contact: James Giordano 
EC Men's Rugby - Contact: Tyler Cribbs 
MMA - Contact: Caelan Donovan 
Spearfishing - Contact: Henry Sadler
Surf Club - Contact: Lauren Cregeen 
Swim Club - Contact: Marissa Madia
Tennis Club - Contact: Michele Naumova 
Triton Wakeboarding - Contact: Ian Dunn
Ultimate Frisbee Club - Contact: Anna Klingenberg
Women's Rugby - Contact: Natalie Minor
SAAC - Contact: Arie Anahory
Outdoor Adventure Club - Contact: Sean Fitzpatrick 


Her Campus - Contact: Danielle Buchanan 
Review - Contact: Sarah Richardson 
The Current - Contact: Sydney Cavero 
WECX - Contact: Jon Walters 


Afro-American Society - Contact: Amanda Whelden

EC Queer-Straight Alliance - Contact: Beth White 
International Student Association - Contact: Juan Herrerra 

Japanese Culture Club - Contact: Alison Perry 

Native American Society - Contact: Olivia Sterud 


EC Hillel - Contact: Gabe Rosenthal
Fire By Night - Contact: Lianna Burrows 
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - Contact: Esther Ou
Orthodox Christian Fellowship - Contact: Carolyn Moritz 

Politics & Service

Amnesty International Club - Contact: 

CCJ - Contact: Eli Kichler 

Colleges Against Cancer - Contact: Chelsea Kuhs
Costal Preservation Society - Contact: Ashely Chambers 

EC Compost - Contact: Miranda Rossi

EC Homeless Outreach - Contact: Leah Schneider

EC Thrift Shop - Contact: Allison Devine

EMPOWER - Contact: Rachel Beck 

Garden Club: Derek Godshall

Green Team - Contact: Selena Bachelder 

Model UN - Contact: Ethan Geobel

Self Defense Club - Contact: Aliah Marzolf 

SSDP - Contact: Katie Klens

Women's Resource Center - Contact: Daniella Espinoza

Young Democrats - Contact: Daniela Baez