Eckerd College Organization     Students 


Academic & Pre-Professional 

American Chemical Society (ACS) - Contact: Anthony Brenner
Aquaria Enthusiasts Club - Contact: Bryan O'Malley
EC Comparative Psychology Lab (ECCPL) - Contact: Lauren Highfill
EC Student Entrepreneurship Club - Contact: Jeanine O'Connell
Finance & Economics Club - Josh Snodgrass
Herpetology Club - Contact: Rory Smart
Pi Sigma Alpha - Contact: Mara Shingleton
Pre-Health Club - Contact: Emily Lehew
Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) - Contact: Anna Shaw

Arts & Entertainment

Anime Addicts Anonymous - Contact: Jesse Weinstein
Another Man's Trash - Contact: Colleen Rast
Art Salon - Contact: Kyle Thomann
Buddhist Meditation Club - Contact: Yunho Kim
Creative Writing Club - Contact: Wyatt McMurry
Culinary Arts Club - Contact: Haviland Kebler
EC Dance Company - Contact: Nicolas Swaner
EC Disney Pride - Contact: Alice Frye
EC Flow Club - Shelby Busque
EC National Society of Leadership and Success (EC-NSLS) - Contact: Andrew Kerbs
EC Photography Club - Nika Ostby
EC Puzzle Club - Contact: Vincent Lynch
EC Swing Dance Club - Contact: Nikki Ryan
EC Tritones A Capella Club - Contact: Miranda Watrous
Labryinth Mediation Club - Contact: Mia Williams
Palmetto Productions - Contact:
Planeswalkers United - Contact: Nick LaMountain
Reading for the Left - Contact: Eli Kichler
S.A.V.E.G.A.M.E. - Contact: Ian Anderson
The Cheesy Dog Club - Contact: Brian Bizub
Theatre Troupe - Contact: Caitlin Harding
Word Smiths - Contact: Jake Perry

Athletics/ Outdoor

EC Beach Volleyball Club - Contact: Andy Putnam
EC Bike Community - Contact: Olivia Cook
EC Cheerleading Team - Contact: Alivia Kelsey
EC Coastal Society - Contact: Ashley Chambers
EC Crossfit - Contact: Andrew Miller
EC Equestrian - Contact: Melissa De Giovanni
EC Field Hockey - Contact: Rory Smart
EC FIsherman - Contact: Bryan Foley
EC Men's Lacrosse - Contact: Henry Palmer
EC Men's Rugby - Contact: Mitch Mosser
EC Tennis Club - Contact: Yasmine Owen
EC Water Polo - Contact: Alfredo Chiappini
EC Women’s Rugby - Contact: Lauren Thompson
Outdoor Adventure Club - Contact: Amanda High
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) - Contact: Jordan Miller
Surf Club - Contact: Benjamin Elliot
Swim Club - Contact: Emily Bornhop
Triton Wake/Kiteboarding - Contact: Alec Schlosser
Ultimate Frisbee Club - Contact: Anna Klingenberg


Bio-Organic Journal - Contact: Stefan Torelli
Eckerd Review - Contact: Joshua R. Keeler
The Current - Contact: Malena Carollo
WECX - Contact: 


Afro-American Society - Contact:
EC Pride - Contact: Nora Kilcup
International Students Association - Contact: Luis Herrera

Japan Culture Club - Contact: Lourdes Pacheco


EC Hillel - Contact: Alison Roskoph
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - Contact: Lauren Stanger

Politics & Service

Amnesty International Club - Contact: Mara Shingleton
Campus Sustainability Congress - Contact: Mary Armstrong

The Coalition for Community Justice - Contact: Elijah Kickller

College Democrats - Contact: Greg Johnson

College Republicans - Contact: Ethan Horvitz
EC Colleges Against Cancer - Contact: Haviland Kebler

EC Compost - Contact: Shelby Busque

EC Emergency Response Team - Contact: Haven Allard
EC Environmental Divers - Contact: David Steren
EC Invisible Children - Contact: Amanda Smith
EC Thrift Store - Contact: Katie Lantz
EC Trade Circle - Contact: Shelby Busque

EMPOWER - Contact: Rachel Beck
Free-Thinking Young Independents - Contact: Matthew C. Wilson
ECHO (Homeless Outreach) - Contact:
Garden Club - Contact: Jenna Behnke
Model United Nations - Contact: Ethan Goebel
Ronald McDonald House Volunteers - Contact: Ally Willen
Women's Empowerment Society - Contact: Taylor Greene