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  Eckerd College Organization     Students 


Brady O'Donnell, President

Majors: Marine Science, Environmental Studies

Year: Senior, Class of 2015

Additional:  I do research on campus, club sports, and try to stay active. 

Spencer Gradley, Vice President of Financial Affairs

Major: Business  Minor: Economics 
Year: Sophomore, Class of 2017 
Additional: I am currently a Resident Advisor for Sigma 115 - 130, I'm friendly and I want to get a dog.

Greg Johnson, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Majors: Political Science, American Studies

Year: Senior, Class of 2015

Additional: I am currently working on a research project as a part of the Ford Scholars program. Before taking this position, I served as ECOS Chief of Staff and Parliamentarian, a Resident Advisor for two years, and President of Young Democrats. 

Jack Layden, Executive Vice President

Major: Management Minor: Chinese

Year: Sophomore, Class of 2017 

Additional: I am the Resident Advisor for Delta Copley and President of the Water Polo club.

Claire Russell, Chief of Staff

Major: International Relations 

Minors: French and Leadership studies 

Year: Sophomore, Class of 2017 

Additional: I'm a Resident Advisor, on the board of The Culinary Relations Committee and work for Athletic Events.

Colleen Owen, Parliamentarian


Minors: Psyschology and Literature

Year: Junior, Class of 2016 

Additional: I'm on the soccer team, a member of ethics bowl team, and love doing extramurals!