Eckerd College Organization of Students 


Brady O'Donnell, President

Majors: Marine Science, Environmental Studies

Minors: Politcal Science

Additional:  I do research on campus, club sports, and try to stay active. 

Alek Mathiessen, Vice President of Financial Affairs

Majors: Math

Minors: Philosophy, Spanish

Additional:  I am also a Resident Advisor, on Academic Honor Council, Ethics Bowl Team, and volunteer at Academy Prep . I live in Atlanta, GA when I was in high school I was president of Chess Club and Captain of my Basketball team. I like music, exercising, reading, and writing.

Henry Ashworth, Executive Vice President


Minors: Philosophy

Additional:  I also serve as an EMT on the Eckerd College Emergency Response Team, as a Resident Advisor, on the water polo club, 

James Patterson, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Majors:Business Administration

Minors: Philosophy

Additional:  I am also an  Eckerd Ambassador and I work at the Rahall Center.

Greg Johnson, Chief of Staff

Majors: Poltical Science, American Studies

Minors: Economics, International Relations

Additional: I am also a Resident Advisor, President of Young Democrats, and a Ford Scholar.

Conner Cain, Parliamentarian

Majors:Marine Science

Minors: Biology

Additional:  I am also an unassigned Resident Advisor, the Chairwoman of the Constitution, Regulations, and Bylaws Commitee, and work at the Waterfront part time.