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Standing Committees

Financial Affairs Committee

  • Allocate funds to all ECOS clubs and organizations for programs and purchases for the academic year for which they are to serve.
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Council on the allocation of the Independent and Collaborative Ventures Fund (ICV).

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Assist students and all ECOS clubs and organizations with academic programs whenever necessary.
  • Act as a social liaison between students, ASPEC, and faculty.

Palmetto Productions

  • Be responsible for selecting, planning, coordinating, and executing campuswide social, recreational, and entertainment events and activities for the student body

Pet Council

  • Provide a structured and friendly environment on campus that is conductive to the orderly ownership of pets.

Constitution, Regulations, and Bylaws Committee

  • Be responsible for the club chartering and rechartering process and the publishing of club contact information for the student body.
  • Review and rule upon challenges to action that may have violated the constitution, bylaws, or ECOS law.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Committee

  • Develop social and green initiatives for campus in conjunction with the Sustainability Fellow
  • Oversee 1% of Student Activity Fee to achieve objectives

Elections Committee

  • Regulate each ECOS election with its own set of rules and regulations, which shall be subject of Student Senate approval.

Free Standing Committee: Functions autonomously from the Executive Council and Senate

Media Committee

  • Serve as the supervising body of organizations chartered by ECOS to produce publications and broadcast.