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Nearly 100 Clubs, And Counting...

There are nearly 100 student-run clubs at Eckerd ranging from Herpetology Club to EC Beach Volleyball. The complete list of clubs is found through the below link. Additionally, Club Fair is hosted each semester so students can browse and learn about the many clubs, their purpose, and sponsored activities. If you don't see a club you want…form a new one!

A club is a student organization formed by individuals with a common interest in a particular activity or cause. Each club is formed, organized, and governed by students.

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 Student Government @ Eckerd

Eckerd College Organization of Students is the representative government for one of the most student-driven campuses in the nation. Learn more

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Club Budget Allocation

  • Clubs are allocated money for expenses each Spring and Fall Semester
  • Funding for specific expenditures is also available through the ICV (Independent and Collaborative Ventures Fund). Forms are available online and in the office!