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Claire Russell, Chief of Staff

I serve as an assistant to the President, represent any ECOS representative if necessary, and maintain an open dialogue with all appointed leaders. Furthermore, I oversee initiatives including the ECOS Discount Card Program. View bio on the Executive Council page.

Katie Boudreau, Recording Secretary

Colleen Owen, Parliamentarian

I advise Senate and the Executive Council regarding parliamentary procedure and provide constitutional advice. I also serve as Chair of the Constitution, Regulations, and Bylaws Commitee, which is responsible for the club chartering process.  View bio on the Executive Council page.

Alex Hogan, Director of Environmental Responsibility

Kira Tangney, Director of Elections

Isabel Arnold, Director of Public Relations

Alex Stader, Director of Palmetto Productions

Alexandra Fenn, Director of Pet Council

Kyle Clarke, Director of Culinary Relations

Margaret Meckes, General Manager of WECX 99.9FM

April Murphy, Director of SC

Kaitlyn Curley, Director of ECOS-Athletic Relations

Colleen Owen, Director of Intercollegiate Relations

Ashleen Brydum, Director of Residential Affairs

Hayley Musial, Director of Health and Wellness

Caroline Armijo, Director of Communications

Haven Allard, Director ECOS-ASPEC Relations

Mitchell Cohan, Website Manager